Three teachers who achieved their national board certification were recognized at the Feb. 8 meeting of the Alma Board of Education at the administration building.

Vicky Limbocker, science teacher at the middle school; Jennifer Pitts, art teacher at the middle school; and Sara Puttman, English teacher at the high school were presented plaques by board president Mike Higgins “for their diligent efforts” in achieving the certification.

Superintendent David Woolly said the district now has 30 teachers with the national board certification.

Board member Ronnie Newton acknowledged the intense work and many hours it takes to receive this huge accomplishment.

Woolly told the board the AdvancED accreditation team of eight people will arrive March 11.

He said the team will review all information submitted to them prior and then follow up by visiting each campus, administrators, teachers, classrooms and students for a powerful review. This team will visit with board members on Monday, March 12.

“They will submit their report a few weeks later,” Woolly said. “This intense evaluation of the district is required every five years.”

Woolly presented a letter from Yvonne Greene describing the results of the official monitoring conducted by the Arkansas Department of Education Special Education. The findings displayed the Alma School District to be in full compliance with the state and federal regulations, he said.

The superintendent also presented a letter from Jerry Owens of the Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation Department stating the bus driver records inspection found the district to not be deficient in any area.

Board members also were given the audit report for school year 2016-17.

“The private audit company stated the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate and in accordance with accounting principles,” Woolly said.

Board members Higgins, Newton, Ron Haught, Carrie Jernigan, Chapen Rucker, Pat Whorton and Paul Winborn II voted 7-0 to approve the 2018-19 school calendar as presented by the ASD personnel policy committee.

Team members of Alma Forward presented the final vision mission and beliefs of the Alma School District. There was a total of 17 members involved with this process.

Eileen Parham gave the core beliefs, Lauren Self gave the mission, Chelsie Sturdivant gave the supporting evidence and outcomes, followed up by Chasta Parker reporting on the strategic concepts and strategies.

With the collection of data, brainstorming, much research and assembling resources, the team has compiled the statement representing how they want the district to move forward guiding students, teachers, administrators and the community to stay focused on what is important and how to get there, Woolly said.

Woolly also recommended extending administrators’ contracts to June 30, 2020. He said the administrators serve as a terrific team with the same goals and objectives for all students.