While the flu and related illnesses have hit all Crawford County public schools hard, Mountainburg School District is the only one thus far to close its doors to students.

Mountainburg School District was scheduled to reopen Wednesday after illness led to its closing both Monday and Tuesday.

Superintendent Dennis Copeland said the administration made the decision Friday to close school due to the high percentage of students, faculty and staff being sick. On Friday, 110 of the 625 Mountainburg students in kindergarten through 12 grade were absent.

“It started out hitting us hard at the high school level, then began working down to middle school, elementary school and finally kindergarten level,” Copeland said. “Typically, it goes the other way with the younger kids getting sick first.”

Mountainburg also had 17 licensed personnel out sick as well as several classified personnel, Copeland said.

“We expected to have more out sick if we did not close,” he said. “Hopefully with the weekend and two extra days, we can get back to normal.”

Copeland said he also expects some parents kept their children at home to keep them from being exposed to the illnesses, including flu, stomach virus and strep throat.

Mountainburg basketball games also were postponed and rescheduled. Senior pictures scheduled for Monday will be rescheduled.

The two days will be made up on Feb. 20 and March 30.

The Van Buren School District reported almost 1,000 of its 5,865 students absent last Friday.

Mulberry/Pleasant View School Superintendent Lonnie Myers said 11.9 percent, or 46 students, were absent Monday. The district has 385 students.

“We are still trying to hang in there,” Myers said. “We did not have calls from principals Monday morning so I hope that is a good sign.”

Alma School District only had 313 of its 3,200 students absent on Monday.

Cedarville School District did not release its figures on absentees.