Members of the K-Kids Club at Parkview Elementary School are conducting a drive to collect clothing and household items for a family that lost all of their belongings when a fire destroyed the home they were renting.

Terry and Christina Bowen were able to get themselves and their two dogs from the house at 216 S. 13th St. before it became fully engulfed in flames on Jan. 3.

The couple’s children had spent the night with their grandfather.

Christina Bowen said the children had gone to stay at their grandfather’s home because the heating unit would only heat the rented home to 58 degrees on Tuesday. She also said the water pipes had frozen.

Parkview counselor Renee Henson said the girl wears a size 7 shoe and 4T shirt and pants while one boy wears a size 1 shoe and 7/8 shirts and pants. A second boy wears a size 13 shoe and 5/6 shirt and 6 slim pants.

The father wears a size 10 shoe, XL shirt and 32 by 30 pants. The mother wears a size 8 shoe, XL shirt and 18 pants.

“If you have furniture or other items you think they could use, please contact the school at 474-8730 and ask to speak to me,” Henson said.

Van Buren Fire Department Fire Marshal Stanley Clark said investigators believe the fire started in the heating unit.

The house was a loss and will have to be leveled once the investigation is completed, Clark said.