An achieving status celebration will be at 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 8, at the Pleasant View School cafeteria.

Dr. Lonnie Myers, superintendent of the Mulberry/Pleasant View Bi-County School District, said the Pleasant View Campus worked hard and improved test scores over a two-year period which moved the school from focus status to achieving status.

“The Pleasant View campus developed and implemented school strategic plans, monitored and evaluated success in teaching to the plan’s goals and objectives, and wrote 45 day reports to parents, community and state officials about the progress of the plan,” Myers said. “We are very proud.”

At the celebration, State Rep. Charlotte Douglas will present school officials with a proclamation acknowledging the school’s hard work, Myers said.

Literacy teacher Marie McHaffie, who is scheduled to speak at the celebration, said she is excited for Mulberry/Pleasant View Schools because dreams are coming true.”

“Teaching takes a big heart for kids and I am so lucky to have fellow staff members with big hearts for teaching,” McHaffie said. ” Students respond to good teaching and will achieve even bigger things when they know that you care. Teach your students to dream big and anything is possible.”

Haylee Whitson, an eighth grade student, had praise for the school’s teachers.

“My teachers at Pleasant View have taught me to never give up on my dreams because there is always someone that can help you,” Whitson said. “I feel that I was successful because of my hard work and the amazing dedication of my Pleasant View teachers.”

Principal Dennis Fisher, who also will speak Friday, said, “When great teachers engage great students in great lessons on a daily basis with bell to bell instruction, you will see great achievement, such as we have experienced.”

Representatives of the Arkansas Department of Education also will be on hand to make a presentation to Pleasant View School officials.