Crawford County Volunteers for Literacy is moving into new offices in Van Buren.

After being housed for 17 years at 513 Main St. in Van Buren, CCVL is moving to 2525 Alma Highway into a building they will share with its owner, Generations Bank.

Multiple factors contributed to the CCVL board’s decision to move the organization, said Dee Carroll, Crawford County Volunteers for Literacy director.

Space and the age of the buildings were two of those factors.

In its old location, CCVL has about 1,800 square feet of space for use. The new location has 2,200 square feet, Carroll said.

“We’re actually adding 400 square feet to our used space,” Carroll said. “I don’t know the age of the building we’re moving into, but it’s much newer than the space we’re in now. It makes the environment much more conducive to teaching and all of our efforts here.”

While the space may be larger and newer, rent is less than what they have been paying, Carroll said.

“We’re actually saving money and getting more space - better space, we feel,” Carroll said.

CCVL learned, after the owner of the old location died two years ago, that those who had inherited the property planned to sell it.

About eight weeks ago, Terry Carson, market president with Generations Bank, approached CCVL about the availability of the new space, Carroll said.

“We had this other opportunity come up, and it made it a little easier to make the decision to move, that we may be in jeopardy in this space anyway,” Carroll said.

The move began Tuesday. Plans for a grand opening at the new location will be underway once the move is complete, Carroll said.