Van Buren police are giving tickets to anyone who blocks the intersection at Pointer Trail and Fayetteville Road.

A “Do Not Block Intersection” sign was installed at the southeast corner of the intersection facing northbound traffic and officers will be monitoring the intersection for violators, said Detective Jonathan Wear with the Van Buren Police Department.

“We’re having problems with people - when the light is still green and traffic is backed up - people will pull into the intersection and block it,” Wear said. “The city put the sign up to basically tell people it’s illegal to block the intersection.”

Fayetteville Road from the Pointer Trail intersection to north of Rudy Road sees a high volume of traffic, particularly in the mornings before school begins and when school lets out in the afternoon, Wear said.

“Probably the most potential for problems is in the afternoon, because it gets crazy out here,” Wear said.

Blocking the intersection not only prevents the flow of cross traffic, but also is a safety issue for emergency vehicles, Wear said.

Accidents at the intersection are common, he said.

“This is one of the busiest intersections in Van Buren, if not the busiest,” Wear said.

Pointer Trail travels from the east side of the city to the west, and can get backed up all the way to the Van Buren High School Freshman Academy when the intersection is blocked.

Traffic issues at the intersection are compounded by the high volume of traffic entering and exiting Interstate 40 onto Fayetteville Road just about a quarter mile north of Pointer Trail.

Arkansas Department of Transportation is working on a solution for I-40, Wear said, “and I hope it alleviates some of the traffic.”