Alma City Council members approved a measure that will change the name of two street sections in the downtown area.

A section of street that was previously a part of Arkansas 162, now taken over by the city, that travels east from the street fork at Harps Food Store to West Cherry Street along with the section of West Cherry that travels to Fayetteville Avenue will all be renamed as Fayetteville Avenue.

“The majority of the road getting the name change runs north and south,” said Alma Public Works Director Mark Yardley, “so it was a logical choice to name it Fayetteville Avenue, because the existing Fayetteville Avenue runs north and south.”

Council members first considered the name change at Yardley’s request during a study session held earlier this month.

After the Arkansas 162 street project was completed, the city took over street sections that formerly were a part of Arkansas 162 and the city was required to make a name change.

Name suggestions included North Cherry Street, Eastfork Street and the now-approved suggestion to rename the entire section as Fayetteville Avenue including a small portion of West Cherry.

“It will certainly make it easier to give directions to visitors that are attending events at the high school and (Alma) Performing Arts Center,” Yardley said. “Now you can tell someone, ‘Just take Fayetteville Avenue.’”

Business owners that will be affected by the change were contacted by the city and none expressed concerns, Yardley said.

Also during the meeting, council members approved an ordinance establishing the millage rate. The rate remains the same at 3.5 mills on personal property and 3.5 mills on real property.

Council members also approved a change to the travel expense policy in the employee handbook. A resolution to amend procedural rules was tabled for further consideration.