Alma School District may see an increase in enrollment for this school year, according to the superintendent.

As of Aug. 10, enrollment for Alma School District was up by 100 students from the end of the previous school year, Superintendent David Woolly said during the school board meeting held that same day.

While final enrollment numbers have not yet been calculated, that enrollment increase was at 61 as of Monday. The number of students enrolled on Monday was 3,214, while enrollment at the end of the 2016-2017 school year was 3,153.

Enrollment numbers for 2016-2017 were about the same at the end of the year as the beginning, which is unusual, as the number usually drops, Woolly said.

“Last year it ended almost exactly where it started,” Woolly said. “I would have been tickled to death if this year’s numbers were just the same as last year.”

Woolly said at the board meeting that he expected the number to drop by about 40 students once school started, which appears to be reflected in Monday’s numbers.

“I’m hoping the trend of dropping enrollment has ended,” Woolly said.

Overall enrollment at ASD decreased from 3,379 at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year, to 3,165 in 2016-17.

Board members approved a measure increasing ticket prices for all senior high athletic events to $5 per person. The measure is based on a 5A West Conference rule, the measure states.

Woolly was given the go ahead by the school board to purchase four new buses for the school district contingent upon approval for a rebate program. The district also purchased seven new buses earlier this year.

Also during the Aug. 10 meeting, board members approved the school district’s 2017-2018 budget of $26,174,833.07, with the largest portions of the budget going to teacher salaries, operational costs and debt service, respectively.

Board members accepted resignations from teachers Shea Klomp, Donella Smither, Ross White and Marisa Wofford. They approved a recommendation of employment from Woolly for Emily Engelke and Tammy Malone as intermediate school teachers, Kendra Williams as primary school teacher and Mike McSpadden as assistant superintendent.