A local insurance agent is providing free books to elementary schools throughout Crawford County.

Justin Lovett with Farm Bureau donated 10 “Little Teammate” books to Cedarville Elementary after reading the story to students from each grade level during a visit on March 28.

Lovett is hoping to donate a total of about 75 books, he said. He hopes to read and donate the books at every elementary school in the county, he said.

“You can donate money, but when you can donate time and make a connection with kids … that’s what you should do,” Lovett said.

As an elementary student Lovett struggled with speech, he said. He wants to inspire children to overcome obstacles to keep reading and working for their education, he said.

“I had to see a speech therapist when I was about their age. I understand how difficult it can be to read, especially when you start out with a little bit of a difficulty,” Lovett said.

Lovett chose “Little Teammates” to donate because he finds the story inspiring, he said.

“I like the story, about how win or lose this child is reminded to do your best, be yourself and have fun,” Lovett said.

Farm Bureau partnered with the book’s author Alan Williams to provide the books to agents at a reduced price, Lovett said. Lovett was able to purchase the books for about $5 each, he said.

“There are always opportunities to make an impact if we make time to do it,” Lovett said.

Those who are interested in having Lovett read at their local elementary school can contact him at (479) 474-5229.