The Crawford County Library Board has hired Crawford Construction Co. to be the construction manager for a new library project in Mountainburg.

The board listened on Tuesday to presentations from three companies to determine which one it would choose for the project. In 2016, the library system acquired two plots at 223 U.S. 71 to build a new library, which will be bigger and closer to downtown Mountainburg than the current building at 1300 N. U.S. 71.

The companies at Tuesday’s meeting were Crawford Construction Co. in Van Buren, Circle M Construction Management Inc. in Ratcliff and C.R. Crawford Construction in Fayetteville. The board chose these companies to give presentations March 14.

Eva White, Crawford County Library System director, said each company presented its qualifications to the board, which included what they had done in the past and what they could offer the board. They also stated why they wanted the job.

The library board also interviewed each company at the end of its presentation.

“One question was that we have a limited budget and it’s a small job, why did you want to participate in this process,” White said. “That was one question, and then the other question that we asked everybody was that we have some donations from different people, like we have rocks already donated for the building, and how would they work with those people that would want to donate things.”

White said each presentation lasted 45 minutes, with 15 minutes in between for breaks and discussion for the board members.

At the end of the meeting, the board decided to hire Crawford Construction. White said although each company did very well with its presentation and would have been a good pick for the project, Crawford Construction was chosen due to past work the company did for the Van Buren Public Library building, among other reasons.

“They repaired the fire damage, and then they finished up the library at the end (in 2011) since the contractor had gone bankrupt,” White said.

White said the next step for the Mountainburg construction project is for Crawford Construction to get together with MAHG Architecture to make the plans for the library building and come up with a price for which they can build it to present to the board.

The lease on the current Mountainburg library property is due to expire in 2018, meaning the library system will have to relocate to the new facility before the end of that year.