One of two bridges on Old Uniontown Road will be closed for construction beginning Monday at 8 a.m.

Old Uniontown Road from Richmond Way north to Pine Hollow Road will be closed for the construction of a new bridge over Foster Branch, said Crawford County Judge Dennis Gilstrap.

A target date for completion of the bridge is set for June 1, Gilstrap said.

The bridge is being rebuilt because of safety and flooding issues, Gilstrap said. The new bridge will be wider and improve drainage, he said.

“It’s a real narrow bridge and there’s been lots of accidents on it,” Gilstrap said. “Two cars can barely pass on it.”

Gilstrap added that emergency vehicles are too wide to cross the bridge if there is oncoming traffic, which can cause a delay in response times.

Construction of the bridge will move as quickly as possible so that the road can be reopened, Gilstrap said.

Until then, through traffic will need to find another route, he said.

“We ask people to be patient with us, and be careful in the area,” Gilstrap said.