Butterfield Trail Middle School students participating in a digital reading contest read a total 379,670 minutes in one month.

Butterfield students were recognized for nearly 264 days worth of reading in one month as part of the LightSail 25 Challenge. LightSail provides reading technology that is meant to accelerate literacy development.

“We were thrilled with the high volume of reading our middle school students attained during the LightSail 25 challenge,” said Karen Endel, Butterfield Trail Middle School principal.

Endel said continuous reading information shared across the school generated excitement in the students. Students even have asked their teachers if they still get to read now that the challenge has ended, she said.

“Not only was the challenge a great motivator for reading, but also is carrying forward as students are excited about continued reading, even without the challenge,” Endel said. “What a wonderful spark to ignite a passion for reading across our school.”

“Igniting a passion for learning” is the school’s motto.

Butterfield students competed against other student readers nationwide using the LightSail technology. The reading contest tracked the minutes read on the LightSail platform.

Butterfield students read the most minutes of any school in the nation participating in the LightSail 23 Challenge. Forest Brook Elementary School in New York had the most minutes read per student, with an average 1,373 minutes per student.

LightSail Education opened the challenge to U.S. classrooms that use its technology with the common goal of reading as much as possible during each day of the challenge. The event ran for one month until Feb. 10.

The Challenge was based upon LightSail data that shows the more minutes students read, the more reading growth they achieve, according to a press release.

LightSail analyzed the performance of more than 16,000 students to quantify the impact of students reading at least 20 minutes a day on its platform, the release states.

Students who read 20-30 minutes per login grew 2.5 times typical Lexile growth, the standard classroom literacy metric, the release states. Students who read 30 minutes or more per login had average gains three times what is considered typical, the release states.

LightSail students get access to personalized libraries filled with thousands of texts to choose from. In-text assessments help motivate students to increase the volume of their reading along with the difficulty of the texts they choose.

Teachers whose students use LightSail get real-time access to data about student reading behavior, comprehension, and growth.