Crawford County justices of the peace approved a remaining six months of salary for a special projects coordinator during a special called meeting of its budget committee Thursday night.

JPs agreed to take a remaining $22,443.88 of a total $44,887.76 for salary and benefits for the position from the election commission budget, as was proposed in January’s budget and quorum court meetings.

Six months, or half, of the salary was approved in January to come from the county road department. The position was created in November.

During the January meeting, JP Elaina Damante suggested the committee should hold off on approving half the salary from the election commission.

Damante suggested that the clerk’s office should fund half the coordinator budget because it had handled many of the election duties in the past.

But there was little debate on Thursday, and Damante put forward the motion to approve the second six months of salary and benefits to come from the election commission budget.

Essential election duties and responsibilities include handling the election budget, monitoring election laws, overseeing polls, and handling voting software and hardware. The list of duties is more than four pages long.

Crawford County Judge Dennis Gilstrap also told JPs he thought the coordinator could save the county about $30,000 in election years by writing the ballots rather than having the project contracted out.

In years that hold less demands for attention to elections, the coordinator would spend more time on other special projects overseen by the county judge’s office, such as floodplain management.