A Van Buren couple will be competing on a nationally televised game show.

Casey and Jordan Hess will appear on an episode of Wheel of Fortune at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, televised locally on KFSM Channel 5.

“It was a pretty long process,” Hess said. “It was a lot of fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity to appear on the longest-running TV game show.”

Hess said everyone, including Pat Sajak and Vanna White, were nice and supportive.

“They kept encouraging us to be calm, have a good time and take it all in,” she said.

The process to get on Wheel of Fortune began Sept. 23 when Casey went to Tulsa for the Wheel Mobile.

“Names had to be randomly drawn for all of the people there, and they did a small game show,” Hess said. “From there, you either got a letter for a second audition or you didn’t.”

Hess received notice to return to Tulsa in mid-October and she took her husband with her.

“We played a series of small games and puzzles and took a written test,” Casey Hess said. “They weeded people out from there and the ones left played some more. Then you just waited to see if you got a letter telling you that you’d been chosen. Once you get that, you just wait for them to call and find out when you tape.”

Casey and Jordan were notified on Nov. 18 they had been selected as contestants and would fly to Culver City, Calif., to tape the show set to air Wednesday.

The couple were cautioned not to reveal details of the actual taping and had to sign a confidentially agreement.

Casey is a customer service representative for Crawford County Farm Bureau. Jordan is a background investigator for a government contractor.