Mayor Bob Freeman recommended a preliminary budget for 2017 to the Van Buren City Council during a study session Tuesday in the city council room of the Municipal Complex.

The preliminary budget includes $13,077,550 in revenue and $12,606,613 in expenditures.

Freeman said the 2017 budget recommends a 2 percent salary increase for city employees. The remainder of the proposed budget includes only minor changes, he said.

Alderman Alan Swaim commended the city’s department heads for putting together the budget and “staying within it.”

The budget breakdown includes expenditures of $91,160, city attorney; $750,128, administration; $4,328,160, police department; $3,769,850, fire department; $873,500, District Court; $56,500, library; $24,000, senior inn; $7,000, The Old Town Merchants Association; $137,260, building department; $141,760, planning department; $1,950, levee; $295,325, parks and recreation; $209,035, property maintenance; $166,735, yard waste; $2,250, Fairview Cemetery; $1,750,000 capital improvements.

The 2017 budget has to be approved by the end of February.

However, the budget traditionally has been approved at the December meeting, and following Tuesday’s meeting Freeman said he expected it to be on the Dec. 19 agenda.

The Dec. 19 council meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the city council room of the Municipal Complex.