Clara B. Eno Chapter of Questers International will celebrate its 40th anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 6, by sharing the history of Clara B. Eno at the Crawford County Chronicles at Drennen-Scott Historic Site.

Chronicles programs will be at 1:30 and 3 p.m. at DSHS, 221 N. Third St., Van Buren. Call (479) 262-2750 or email for reservations.

Eno, who has been called Arkansas’s first lady of history, devoted her life to researching and recording Arkansas history and collecting Arkansas archival material. She published the History of Crawford County, Arkansas in 1950.

The Drennen-Scott Historic Site, owned and operated by the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has benefited from the work of the Clara B. Eno Chapter of Questers International.

The local Questers members raised funds through a number of events including silent auctions, teas, a mystery dinner and donations, to pay for reproduction historic wallpaper to be purchased and installed in the oldest room in the historic home.

“The focus of the project involves restoring wallpaper to a room that always had wallpaper installed,” said Tom Wing, Drennen-Scott director and assistant professor of history at UAFS. “This work, which fell outside the preservation grants originally secured for the house, will help us do a better job interpreting the home.”

Five rooms are historically furnished at Drennen-Scott with items that have been passed through five generations of the same family. John Drennen built the home in 1838, and his fifth generation descendants sold the home to the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith in 2005.

Today, the house and 31 acres serves as a public museum but also a learning laboratory for UAFS history interns, who learn how to give tours, create exhibits, and interact with the public.

Drennen was co-founder of Van Buren, purchasing the land that became downtown with his brother-in-law in 1836.

The history at Drennen-Scott includes connections to slavery, the Civil War, Underground Railroad, Trail of Tears and well-known historical figures such as Sam Houston, James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor and Albert Pike.

“We owe a great debt to the ladies of Questers for helping us do something that needed to be done, and that was not possible for us to do ourselves,” Wing said of the wallpaper project.

He said the wallpaper has been installed and will be a welcome addition to the tours for guests at the Drennen-Scott House.

Dottie Perrier said the Clara B. Eno Chapter members would like to thank all donors for their support of the preservation and restoration project.

“We are inviting local donors, our mayor, friends of Drennen-Scott, past chapter presidents and Questers state officers, among others, to the Nov. 6 celebration,” Perrier said.

Shuttle transportation from the new parking area to the Drennen-Scott house will be provided.