A Van Buren man will appear on the Thursday episode of the CBS daytime game show Let’s Make a Deal.

Joshua Thomas was a contestant on a recently filmed episode of the game show, hosted by Wayne Brady. The episode is set to air on KFSM Channel 5 at 2 p.m.

The current show, with Brady as host, premiered Monday, Oct. 5, 2009. It is an updated version of the classic television game show hosted by Monty Hall, which had its pilot in 1963.

Contestants - called traders - are selected from the studio audience, to make a deal with the host. A trader will be offered something of value - a prize or cash - and given a choice of whether to keep it or exchange it for a different item that is hidden until the choice is made.

Unfortunately, the trader does not know if they are trading for something of greater value or a prize that is referred to as a “zonk,” which is an item purposely chosen to be of little or no value to the trader.

The show also is known for the audience members, who dress up in outrageous costumes in an effort to increase their chances of being selected as a trader.

Let’s Make a Deal tapes in Los Angeles.