Crawford County Election Commission was appointed its third member on Tuesday night.

Tom Fite, husband to State Rep. Charlene Fite, was voted by the Republican Party of Crawford County committee to be its newest Republican commissioner.

As the majority party, Republicans hold two of the three positions on the election commission. Both positions were left open at different times earlier this year.

John Lyon, former commission chair, resigned in June. Ernie Schimmelman suffered a stroke in July and resigned his position, leaving only Crawford County Election Commissioner Bill Taylor, a Democrat.

One Republican seat on the commission was filled by Bill Coleman. Coleman also was elected commission chair - a position generally held by one of the majority party members - by Taylor and himself, Taylor said.

With a third commissioner finally chosen, Coleman said the rest of the election year will go smoothly.

“That’s the whole purpose of the election commission is to make sure things run properly,” Coleman said.

Fite will only serve on the commission through the end of December by choice, said Republican Party of Crawford County’s new committee chair Melissa Koller.

Koller was chosen as committee chair on Tuesday, as well, she said. The position was left open after former chair Mark Shaffer resigned.

“We’re still on the hunt for election commissioners that want to stay on full time,” Koller said. “I would love to see Bill Coleman remain in that position, but he and I have not had the chance to discuss if he wants to stay on.”

Party committees convene in January to elect commission members each year, Coleman said.

Crawford County’s election commission handles all polling for school, city and county elections, and local polling for national elections.