There is a new appointee to the Alma Planning Commission.

Alma Mayor Keith Greene appointed Jason Reeves to the Alma Planning Commission during the Alma City Council meeting Thursday night.

Reeves will fill the position formerly held by Kyle Morris, who was appointed to the position in January.

Morris left the commission, Greene said, to take on heavier responsibilities with the Alma Area Chamber of Commerce.

Reeves has been an acting alternate for the commission since January, though Alma City Attorney Chuck Baker told Greene at Thursday’s meeting that planning commission alternates are not allowed by law.

“There is no provision in state law that allows for the appointment of alternates,” Baker said in an interview Friday. “You’re either on the commission or you’re not.”

Greene, who claimed he was unaware that appointing alternates opposed state law, said Reeves had sat in on at least one commission meeting since his appointment.

Baker responded that Greene’s comment was the first he had heard of Reeves appointment.

Decisions made by the commission at times when Reeves participated could be affected, depending on the type of decision, Baker said.

“If it was something procedural, like changing the time of the meeting, that wouldn’t be affected,” Baker said. “But if they turned down a request for rezoning… it could invalidate something like that.”

Since Baker was unaware of Reeves acting as an alternate before Thursday night, he was unable to state what business had been conducted by the commission with Reeves participation.

Reeves was officially appointed Thursday night for a one-year term beginning Sept. 29.

Carol Newton, who also sits on the planning commission, was reappointed for a three-year term beginning Sept. 29.