In the mid-1960s, with the school population growing, Van Buren School District opened a new elementary school in the junior high school building and built a new high school. This school was named J.J. Izard Elementary.

The first year began with Deward Martin as principal. There were no textbooks available for the first couple of months. Teachers used the chalk board, and the students used pencils and paper.

A group of the teachers from this time recently met for a reunion and sharing time.

Deward Martin, Bobbie Gage, Cheryl Mann, Dorothy Duncan, Barbara Kizziar and Mary Jane Hurst were there for opening day.

In the next couple of years, Betty Gregory, Janelle Flake, Sara Starbird, Thelma White and Debbie Greve came to Izard. There were three guests, Harvey Mann, Linda Martin and Lester Gregory, attending the reunion.

The group attending this luncheon represented approximately 425 years of teaching.