The Alma High School DECA fire safety day crew visited Alma Intermediate School for fire safety day Oct. 23. The fire safety day crew taught 11 classrooms full of third grade students about fire safety.

Two DECA members were placed in each third grade classroom to teach the students fire safety and what to do in case of a residential fire. The students would then take a classroom quiz after every presentation and received a certificate stating they are a junior fire marshall. The DECA members were to enter singing the fire safety day song, which incorporates "Stop, drop, and roll," all while helping the students learn about fire safety.

The third grade classes were then taken to a Smoke House provided by the Van Buren Fire Department, and the Alma Fire Department provided three fire trucks loaded with equipment to display for the children. The Alma firefighters along with the fire safety day crew taught the children how to escape a burning building, be safe exiting, and have a special meeting place outside their house.

Kaitlin Plymale, chairman of the project for the third graders stated, "It’s a really beneficial event, and I’m so glad I got to be the chairman this year. The third graders really enjoyed it and I’m glad DECA got to be in charge of it."

Co-chairman Ashlyn Elliott of the project said, "I had almost as much fun as the third graders did. It was a neat learning experience, and even learned some facts about fires I didn’t know. I was really glad to be a participant in this event."