River Valley Art Beat

We all have a need for human connections. It is no secret that the arts can bridge this connection. The Center for Art and Education, through digital and virtual art experiences, is delivering high quality live and recorded educational programs and art experiences to bring people together in our community.

For those of you who were looking forward to attending one of our summer art camps, we will offer an online summer art camp program. Our At Home Summer Art Camp will include five educational fun art lessons developed for anyone and all ages. Instructors UAFS Associate Professor of Art Ernest Cialone, art educator Amy Scoggins, art educator Kara Holland, professional artist Suzanne King, and professional artist and art educator B. Duncan each bring their unique perspectives and art techniques to each of the lessons. What is unique about the lessons is that you’ll learn about the history of a famous artist, such as Henri Matisse and Rembrandt, and their art medium that you will be working on. Don’t worry if you don’t have art supplies. When you register at (479) 474-7767, you can pick up an art tool kit with all of the supplies you’ll need to complete each art project. Parents may be able to use their dependent care flexible spending account to cover the $25 cost for the online camp.

For those of us who enjoy the beauty of authentic art, we provide you with a virtual walk through the gallery of our monthly art exhibitions. As well, we offer video experiences of our artist demonstrations. You can access and view these from home or any mobile device at CAE’s website at art-ed.org.

We hope you join us in the gallery for "Earth, Wood, and Stone" exhibition featuring the Photograph Alliance of Fort Smith. The opening reception will be July 2 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Center for Art and Education, 104 N. 13 St., Van Buren.

We hope you use this time to stay connected and keep engaged through the Arts in our community.

All of these art experience and more can be found on CAE’s website. We hope you discover a new or hidden talent and begin your own artistic journey. We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your online experience with us and how it helped your personal artistic journey. Contact us at info@art-ed.org.

This column is produced by the River Valley Arts Coalition, whose mission is to inform citizens and visitors of the available fine art exhibition and education opportunities in Fort Smith and surrounding region. We also want to tell the stories of the people who make the local art scene such a vibrant and important part of our community. To send comments or for more information on the River Valley Arts Coalition contact lmeluso@fsram.org.