Crawford County births announced by Mercy Fort Smith:

Heather Redding and Jordan Risley of Van Buren a son Sept. 8.

Charlece and Shane Ridenour of Van Buren a son Sept. 8.

Liliana and Jose Hernandez of Van Buren a son Sept. 8.

Nicole Miranda and John Freeman of Alma a daughter Sept. 9.

Alecia and Anthony Reeves of Mulberry a daughter Sept. 9.

Tressa Waid and Cody Stephenson of Alma a daughter Sept. 9.

Cassandra and Arthur Jinks of Alma a son Sept. 10.

Katelyn Young of Alma a son Sept. 10.

Kacie Evans and Dylan Mulkey of Van Buren a daughter Sept. 10.


Marriage licenes issued by the Crawford County Clerk’s Office:

Al Marion Crelia II, 23, and Rebekah Marye Ingram, 23, both of Van Buren.

Daniel Wade Harwood, 29, and Kirsten Elizabeth Glidewell, 34, both of Alma.

Garrett Matthew Apperson, 21, and Allison Taylor Roe, 20, both of Alma.

Johnathan Nicholas Marshell, 22, and Julie Lynne Bowman, 22, both of Alma.

Michael William Fraley, 53, and Christina Charlotte Heger, 48, both of Van Buren.

Carlos Edward Martin Jr., 26, of Muldrow and Sandra May Romero, 20, of Van Buren.

Gary Don King, 50, and Amy Renee Embry, 44, both of Van Buren.

Bradley Scott Ridenour, 26, and Dacia Lynn Elmore, 31, both of Van Buren.

Timothy Cody Holmes, 24, and Brianna Michelle Comstock, 25, both of Mulberry.

Javier M. Rodriguez, 58, and Teresa A. Rodriguez, 58, both of Van Buren.

Eric Dewayne Mason, 30, and Veronica Lulene Trobaugh, 30, both of Alma.

Juan Andres Guevera, 39, and Brandy Lee Recinos, 37, both of Van Buren.

Steven Paul Gitthens, 53, of Van Buren and Lorrie Ann Wilkinson, 53, of Alma.

Lucas Allen Wayne Yutterman, 22, and Kailon Shea Vernessa Mills, 20, both of Cedarville.

Shawn Dell Crawford, 36, and Sarah Elizabeth Brown, 33, both of Muskogee.

Ralph Edgar Little II, 59, and Teresa Jo Mullens, 56, both of Van Buren.