Van Buren Public Library will host a Local Author’s Day on Friday from 1-4 p.m.

Area residents will be able to do a meet and greet with local authors and hear from Richard Cress, author of "Ozark Urchins," an autobiography about life in the Ozark Mountains from 1946-1951.

Authors will be available to speak to visitors about their books, and writers can get tips and information about publishing, said Amanda Coward, a library assistant who organized the event.

"I know in our community there are a ton of people who want to write, who love to write, but maybe they just don’t have the know-how," Coward said. "They can learn how to get their book published and about people who are in the same mode they’re in - trying to get their book published, and working hard at it."

Coward added that "there is a lot of power" in hearing about a process directly from those who already experienced it.

Authors will be set up at individual tables with their published books, and also have been asked to bring a copy for the library’s collection, Coward said. Light refreshments will be served.

Cress, who is becoming well-known for "Ozark Urchins," will be the guest of honor, Coward said.

"He’s a delight to talk to, and I can’t wait for him to talk about his book," Coward said. "He’s hilarious."

Authors will have about 10 minutes during the last hour of the event to speak to the group about their book and their experience as a writer.

Including Cress, at least 10 authors have confirmed that they will be at the library on Friday, Coward said.

Other authors who will be attending and their works are: Ramonda Richard with "Robert the Bully"; Steve Grizzle with "The 3 ‘P’ Man"; Shirley Touchstone with "Why am I Still Here?"; Donna Gentry with "Simple Words"; Radine Trees Nehring with "A Wedding to Die For"; and T.A. Brock with "Fatal."

Authors Timothy Koch and Tom Drechsel also will attend, but as yet have not notified organizers of what books they will be bringing.

If successful, Coward hopes to have the event each year, she said. Local authors interested in participating can contact her at (479) 471-3226.