A Van Buren man was arrested on suspicion he attacked one police officer while another was bitten by a pit bull as they investigated a domestic disturbance.

Christopher Paul Ford, 19, was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center for second-degree battery, third-degree domestic battery, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental operations and disorderly conduct.

Wednesday, Circuit Judge Gary R. Cottell ruled there was enough evidence to hold Ford and set his bond at $5,000.

Officers Charles Green and Clay Wright both came under attack while responding to a domestic disturbance in the 100 block of North 13th Street in Van Buren at 12:40 a.m. Tuesday. When Green arrived at the residence, he could hear screaming from inside. He said as he approached, an older man opened the door then slammed it shut, according to a police report.

"I ran to the front door where I heard the door locks locking," Green stated in the report.

Green stated that he heard more screams coming from inside the residence as if another fight were occurring.

"Due to the nature of the call and screams coming from the interior of the residence, I made the decision to make forced entry into the residence for fear of someone being injured," he stated.

Green, accompanied by Wright, announced their presence and forced their way through the door. Once inside, Green noticed that the door had struck Ford in the shoulder, pushing him back, according to the report.

"Christopher then lunged towards me, throwing a punch with his right hand, which did not strike me to my knowledge," Green stated. "Christopher then grabbed me by the throat with his left hand and attempted to strike me again with his right during which, I grabbed him."

Green pushed Ford backward to gain control and break free of his hold. Green stated that he pushed Ford toward a wall and that Ford’s head broke "through the wall and into another room."

As Green and Wright gained control of Ford and took him to the ground, they noticed that several people and three pit bulls, all barking aggressively, were also in the residence. Ford shouted profanities at them during the struggle, the report states.

Green said while taking Ford to the ground, he fell and landed on dog feces and urine, which he said was "covering the entire floor of the front room of the residence," according to the report.

The officers handcuffed Green and separated him from the rest of the occupants by keeping him in custody on the front porch. While outside, Ford continued shouting profanities at Green and other officers, the report states.

Green stated that when he returned inside, he saw several people running around, crying and screaming.

"At about that same time I observed a brindle-colored pit bull bite officer Wright’s leg in the lower extremity," he stated.

After getting the dogs cleared, Green spoke with a woman, who said that Ford had grabbed her by the hair and drug her around in the residence, and that it happened continuously from room to room. She said this happened after another man inside the residence poured beer on her and struck her, according to the report.

The other people inside the residence did not cooperate when questioned, the report states.