This past Saturday was a perfect example of how cool it is to be a part of Kiwanis Club of Van Buren.

I had big plans to go riding with some friends. I told them that I could be ready to go by 10:30 a.m. after K-Kids Club members placed American flags on graves at Fairview Cemetery.

If we were not finished, I would ask one of the other club members or a school counselor to stay around to be sure that all the K-Kids were picked up. But as soon as we started putting out the flags and walking around with Brad Rotert listening about the history of the cemetery my ride was no longer important to me.

Being there with the K-Kids having fun was what it was all about. And I had a blast. I stayed around talking with a counselor until all the K-Kids were picked up. And never once did I think about my plans, or even look at my watch.

But, I have such a good group of friends that they waited on me. I still was able to go riding.

My fellow club members and I want to let everyone know what it means to be a Kiwanian.

We have a Kiwanis of Van Buren Facebook page where we try to like and share, make comments on the events and maybe what it means to you to be part of an organization that is making a difference in the kids of our town.

Raymond Harvey

Kiwanis President