Van Buren Mayor Bob Freeman recognized an eighth-grader at Northridge Middle School Thursday during a surprise visit to the school during the lunch hour.

Hunter Nichols, 13, was presented a proclamation for "performing an extraordinary, selfless act that restores our faith in the human race."

On Sept. 19, Hunter’s parents were providing emergency care to Hunter’s 3-year-old brother, Miles.

"While the parents were tending to his younger brother, Hunter took care of his sister by removing her from the impact of the crisis," the proclamation reads, "then later prepared her backpack and lunch for the next school day."

Hunter also wrote a note to Emma’s teacher explaining why the 5-year-old was unable to complete her homework.

As Northridge’s eighth-grade class assembled in the cafeteria, Freeman said, "I do hereby honor and recognize Hunter Nichols for his unselfishness and extraordinary act of calmness and kindness and for the example he sets for others as an exemplary citizen of our community."

Freeman said Hunter’s actions are one of the reasons he is proud to be a part of the community.