Jennifer Robertson won the final running of the Powder Puff class at Crawford County Speedway on Saturday.

Robertson has won six of the seven Powder Puff races this season, only to take third back on May 18, including four in a row.

Brooke Hamilton was runner-up while Susan Payne, who won on May 18, placed third. Tiffany Davidson and Aberial Boyster rounded out the Top 5.

Ricky Smith earned his first Grand National win Saturday after his sixth start this season. Smith had back-to-back runner-up finishes on Aug. 10 and 17.

Jamison English, who had won three of his last six starts was second and Mike McMahon took third. Duane Rose clinched fourth while Remington Watson seized fifth.

Rose is one of two drivers (Clifton Drummond) who have not missed a race this season.

Josh Jones won his fifth race this season and his first since June 15 in the Front Wheel Drive class. Jones also has 23 Top 5 finishes out of 26 starts this season.

Jimmy Hamilton clinched second and Daniel Altes was third. Brian Robinson nabbed fourth and 14-time winner Cody Jones grabbed fifth.

Rusty Lemonier earned his first back-to-back win this season in the Mini Stock class. Lemonier has won eight times this season. Edward Boyster and Scott Boyster placed second and third respectively.

Stan Lewis and Tony Ferrari rounded out the Top 5.

Mallory Pinkerton won her second Street Stock race this season.

Cody Collingsworth was second and Will Lamproe placed third. Ronnie Lingo and Zane Hunter nabbed fourth and fifth respectively.

Ryan Taylor won back-to-back A Modified races and his third overall on Saturday.

John Shoptaw placed second while Jason Foster and Victor Pinkerton rounded out the Top 4.

Anthony Reeves won his third straight E Modified race and his 12th overall. Shawn Pinkerton was runner up as he maintained his string of 17 consecutive Top 5 finishes.

Powder Puff Championship — 1, Jennifer Robertson; 2, Brooke Hamilton; 3, Susan Payne; 4, Tiffany Davidson; 5, Aberial Boyster; 6, Chelsie Jones; 7, Brandy Wesley; 8, Emily Jones.

Grand National — 1, Ricky Smith; 2, Jamison English; 3 Mike McMahon; 4, Duane Rose; 5, Remington Watson; 6, Chuck Bentley; 7, Bobby Jones; 8, Clifton Drummond; 9, George Rudy; 10, Dwain Rigsby; 11, Roger Carter; 12, David Stogsdill; 13, Bryan McKenzie; 14, John Garner.

A Modified — 1, Ryan Taylor; 2, John Shoptaw; 3, Jason Foster; 4, Victor Pinkerton; 5, Zane Hunter; 6, Mike Hines.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Josh Jones; 2, Jimmy Hamilton; 3, Daniel Ates; 4, Brian Robinson; 5, Cody Smith; 6, Randy Payne; 7, Susan Payne; 8, Remington Watson; 9, Tommy Langley; 10, Bobby Jones; 11, Matt Hobbs; 12, Chelsie Jones.

360 E Modified — 1, Anthony Reeves; 2, Shawn Pinkerton; 3, Brent Robertson; 4, Dalton McKenzie; 5, Roy Long

Mini Stock — 1, Rusty Lemonier; 2, Edward Boyster; 3, Scott Boyster; 4, Stan Lewis; 5, Tony Ferrari; 6, John Ferrari; 7, Gary Boyster; 8, Dean Hughes; 9, Jason Belt; 10, John Wesley; 11, Jimmy Belt; 12, Mike Kendrick; 13, John West; 14, Axel Carter; 15, Kurley Joe Wilson; 16, Remington Watson.

Street Stock — 1, Mallory Pinkerton; 2, Cody Collingsworth; 3, Will Lamproe; 4, Ronnie Lingo; 5, Zane Hunter; 6, Sambo Parmenter; 7, Jaylen Brewton; 8, Shelby Ellison; 9, Brian Risenhoober; 10, Brian Murray, DQ’d; 11, Chris Perkins, DQ’d.