Cedarville School Board members considered future projects for the district during their meeting June 20.

Board members approved at least two projects to go forward, including geothermal thermostats and lighting for the practice football field, said Superintendent Dan Foreman.

Energy efficient geothermal thermostats will be installed in the agriculture building and another building located on the east side of the high school, Foreman said. Geothermal water heaters, already located at the middle school, will be installed in the high school, he said.

Also approved was some low-wattage lighting for the football practice field, located behind the baseball field at the high school.

Center field lighting for the baseball field already was approved by the board and purchased, and the practice field lighting will be installed at the same time on the back side of the same pole, Foreman said.

Lighting for the practice field will be low wattage and only for practices in early evening, he said.

Future projects for the district were tabled by board members pending funding approval, Foreman said.

Stephens Inc. bonding firm is soliciting bids from banks on a bond to pay for the projects, which include new elementary playground equipment, new computers and a video surveillance security system, he said.

Part of the money also will go toward the remodel of the east wing at the old elementary school into the school-based health care clinic, Foreman said.

Board members also approved the 2014-15 budget and millage, with the school tax remaining at the current 36 mills.

Stephanie Johnson resigned as the elementary special education teacher and Leah Townsend was hired for the position. High school social studies teacher Marc Bradford moved from full-time to part-time.

Also during the June meeting, Andy Jones, Crawford County Rural Volunteer Fire Department District 4 fire chief, gave a presentation to board members requesting the use of a building on the south side of the school campus, Foreman said.

Jones requested permission to lease or rent the building, or if the school might donate its use for the fire department to store fire trucks, Foreman said. School board members are taking it under advisement, he said.