Alma’s Jesse Garner won his first Street Stock race after finishing runner-up the last two weeks at Crawford County Speedway on Saturday.

CCS will host its first run of the Powder Puff races following the regular slate of racing. All entrants must be a paid registered driver to compete for the Powder Puff Championship at the end of the season.

Cody Collingsworth, who won back on April 5, was second in the Street Stock class and H. Duane Rose nabbed third. Ronnie Lingo placed fourth and Chris Perkins grabbed fifth. Collingsworth leads the Street Stock with 165 points. Garner trails by 17 points.

Alma’s Teddy Parker, who leads the point race, won his first Mini Stock race this season after finishing fourth last week. Parker was runner-up in the first two outings.

Kurly Jo Wilson was second and Edward Boyster took third. Van Buren’s Tony Ferrari, who won last week, was fourth and Stan Lewis placed fifth. Wilson is second in the standings, trailing by 32 points and Ferrari is third and trails by 39 points.

Roy Long picked up his third straight win in the E Modified class.

Dalton McKenzie was second and Anthony Reeves, the only other driver to win an E Modified race this season, was third.

Randall Hardbarger was fourth and Caleb Smith finished fifth.

Long leads the point race by 32 points ahead of Hardbarger and Brittany Henson (Cedarville) is in third, trailing by 35 points.

Billy Wheeler won his first 2014 Grand National event after three Top 3 finishes. Wheeler became the fourth winner in as many weeks in the Grand National class.

Wheeler, who leads by 34 points in the point race, finished in front of Bobby Prewett, Brent Robertson (Alma), George Rudy (Alma) and Glenn Nordin (Alma) to round out the Top 5.

Van Buren’s Mike McMahon, who won last week, finished seventh.

Point leader James Poe picked up his second win this season in the Front Wheel Drive class. Poe won on March 29, but has finished either second (April 5) or third (April 12) since then.

Aaron Dyer was second and Remington Watson (Rudy) took third.

Van Buren’s Jimmy Hamilton, who had back-to-back wins, was fourth and Randy Payne (Cedarville) picked up his third fifth-place finish in three weeks. Hamilton trails Poe by eight points in the point race.

After spending the last two weeks at Tri-State Speedway, Zane Hunter returned and grabbed the win in the Modified class. Hunter trails Payne by four points to lead in the standings. Cedarville’s Victor Pinkerton only trails by 14.

Three new drivers debuted this season in the Modified class as Frank Foster and Shannon Weese took second and third. Robby Hines was fourth and Hank Long debuted in fifth.

Tri-State Speedway

Point leader Kyle McAllister was back on the victory lap as he claimed his fourth Factory Stock win at Tri-State Speedway on Saturday.

McAllister began the winning three straight races, but dropped to finish runner-up to Michael Brasch last week. Brasch took second while Chad Summerford, who finished his last two races in fifth, was third.

McAllister leads the Factory Stock with 395 points followed by Darren Scott (337) and Jerome Heinrich (334).

Van Buren’s Justin Johnson was fourth and Andrew Bohanan took fifth after finishing third last week.

Chris Hawkins won his second straight USRA B Modified event and Gary Vaughn took second.

Rudy’s Lonny Flanagan grabbed third as Camden Perry and point leader Dallas Bourland rounded out the Top 5.

Stigler’s Jeremy Drewery was the third winner in as many weeks during the Pure Stock Feature race.

Weston Holeman, who placed 21st last week, was runner up while Chad Warren took third and Fred Ross was fourth.

Chad Warren still leads with 270 points while Van Buren’s Marshall Pesnon is second with 200.

Neil Johnston grabbed his second win in three weeks during the Super Stock event. Johnny Mitchell, who won last week, was runner up. Dylan Davlin began the season with a pair of Super Stock wins, but has fallen to either third of second was third with Gean Daviln and Alma’s Roy Roberts rounding out the Top 5.

Dylan Davlin leads the closest race at TSS as Mitchell trials by six points and Johnson is in third by only 16 points.

Brent Holeman won his first USRA A Modified race after finishing third last week.

Alma’s Lonnie Robins was second in as many weeks and George Martin took third.

Jeremy Vaughn and Fayetteville’s Brian Williams placing fourth and fifth respectively.

Williams leads the point race while Martin is 28 points from tying with the lead.