There’s only a few things I’ve remained committed to for more than 20 years.

In the realm of sports, I’ve been a Cowboys fan since the days of Tony Dorsett. I watched Yankees games with my grandpa on his old black and white since about that time as well.

My mom took me to go see the first Star Wars film and I fell in love with the cinema and sci-fi.

I discovered Star Trek and Doctor Who very shortly sometime after that, as well as comic books (I cut my teeth on Captain America and the Invaders).

All these years later I still follow the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and I watch both Star Wars and Star Trek (a lot).

I got lucky later on in life. My family are either fans of the Cowboys or will watch Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who with me. My youngest and I share a passion for the X-Men characters and my oldest and I will have an occasional conversation about those characters involved with the Avengers.

In 1989, I became a fan of Michelle Kelley. She was a cute blonde who I had several classes with in junior high and high school. We had several classes together our senior year.

I was still rather shy so it took me the entire year to ask her out.

Only after she asked me out first.

Our senior prom was our first date and four years later we were married.

Today is our 20th anniversary, and I’m still her biggest fan.

She’s been a great mom, has been an excellent example of how to be a great sister (to be fair, both of her sisters are pretty fantastic too), and a loving daughter.

I love my mom, and my mom is a great cook. However, my lovely wife has just about improved upon every recipe. Except for bread. The wife can’t seem to make homemade bread (although her corn bread is nothing short of awesome).

She’s worked through some tough hours, changed jobs a few times, but has excelled each time, and I’m proud of her.

And I need her. It’s her job that has allowed me to pursue this often thankless and fruitless endeavor called "journalism" because I love to write. I’ve lost quite a few brothers over the past few months as cutbacks at various newspapers have sentenced them to the showers. (That was a hodgepodge of metaphors, whew.)

It makes me understand exactly how precarious this profession is as of late.

She’s my muse, my sounding board and my reality check. (When you’re an artist, like a writer, you need a good reality check every now and then).

She’s my fan as well. She’s been supportive of my various endeavors and musings. As I begin some of my biggest projects to date, she’s been right there to support me. She keeps me grounded and close to family. If it were left to me, we would have moved to Seattle years ago.

Even as a writer I’m at a loss trying to find the right words to convey my emotions, my thoughts and my heart.

She really is my everything. Happy anniversary.