The Van Buren School Board has elected to seek out an activities administrator to "supervise, manage and facilitate the needs and requirements of personnel, volunteers and students related to extracurricular activities within the district."

Randy Loyd is to remain the athletic director for the school district.

Kevin Bell, president of the Van Buren School Board, said that the needs of the district has continued to grow.

"The job has become so big that it needs a separate activities administrator," said Bell. "This has nothing to do with Randy’s performance. We felt that it was just too big of a job to be a head coach and the activities director."

Kerry Schneider, deputy superintendent, said "the position [was] created to employ an administrator to supervise all extracurricular activities within the district."

The school district is also seeking a new head women’s basketball coach for the high school. Neither position for the activities director nor the women’s basketball coach is dependent upon the other. However, Schneider did state in an email that school district would like to have the activities administrator in place by July 1.

The superintendent and the activities administrator will determine the duties and responsibilities of all the directors (athletics, band and choir) and coaches.

Other schools

Pine Bluff recently removed the athletic director job duties from the responsibility of current head football coach, Bobby Bolding.

Van Buren is the only school in the 7A in which the AD also serves as a head coach. The exception seems to be the Little Rock schools.

The Little Rock School District has an overall athletic director with each school having their own AD. J.A. Fair (a 6A school) is the only one that has the school’s AD (Christopher Johnson) as a head coach as well.

Even a cursory glance at the schools smaller than Van Buren, show that there are athletic directors who do not serve as a head coach.