Season-ending racing event begins Thursday.

Crawford County Speedway has wrapped up its regular season and will host the inaugural Kings of the Clay Championship Races on Oct. 5-7.

Three of races will have additional money with $1,500 to win in the A Modified and the Grand National feature events and $150 to start. The B Modified will have $1,200 to win and $100 start with the B Modified USRA rules.

The Street Stock feature will have $500 to win.

Drivers can practice on Oct. 5 with qualifying heats and features on Oct. 6. Last-chance qualifying and the final feature races of the season will be on Oct. 7.

B Modified

Eddie Martin won his second feature in four starts this season as he edged out Dustin Leatherman and Dalton McKenzie. Leatherman returned for his first feature event since Sept. 2, where he placed second. Leatherman has 10 Top 3 finishes this season.

McKenzie won last week as he placed third on Sept. 23 for his lowest feature finish.

Gaylord Ace had his highest finish of the season as he took fourth. Previously, he placed as high as seventh back on June 10.

Tim Edens, who has only missed one feature race this season, was fifth. His highest since Aug. 19.

A Modified

Cedarville’s Dalton McKenzie wrapped the regular season of CCS with his fifth consecutive win. McKenzie finished

the year with eight wins in just 13 starts.

Alma’s Myles Newman III was second for the third straight week and Jesse Leamons placed third. Van Buren’s Shannon

Weese picked up fourth while Van Buren’s Dylan Coughran was fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Rudy’s Chris Perkins made his way back to the victory lap as he picked up his first win since July 15.

Perkins had seven starts since that time and finished in second or third in four of those races. Johnny Mitchell was runner-up for the second week and Corey Clark nabbed third.

Shynia Drummond finished fourth and Barling’s Christ Tuck was fifth.

Mini Stock

Kevin McSeprit won his first feature in the season after previously finishing second back on Sept. 9.

Alma’s JP Gregory was runner-up and Jim Higgins was third for the second consecutive week.

Jerry Higgins nabbed fourth while Stan Lewis was fifth.

Grand National

Eddie Martin finished first for the fourth consecutive week and his 10th win overall.

Danny Southerland placed second and Thurman Blanton was third. Danny Evans and Gene Gore rounded out the Top 5 as they were fourth and fifth respectively.

Street Stock

Danny Cook won his first feature of the season while Cedarville’s Will Lamproe matched his highest finish of the year as he took second.

Cody Mackey placed third and Mulberry’s Duane Rose, who has not missed a Street Stock feature this season. Rick Craig nabbed fifth.

Arkansas Stock Mini Sprints

Dave Nicholson won the special running of the ASMSA on Sept. 23 at CCS.

Matt Cash was second followed by Glen Bratti, Deery Harris, and Kaimon Schomaker.

Crawford County Speedway

Race Results, Sept. 23, 2017

ASMSA — 1, Dave Nicholson; 2, Matt Cash; 3, Glen Bratti; 4, Deery Harris; 5, Kaimon Schomaker; 6, Matt Ebark; 7, Randy Meyers; 8, Ryan Cody; 9, Robert Bump; 10, Tom Paulson; 11, Russell Roberts; 12, Cole Bolton; 13, Wyatt Wood; 14, Darius Meyers; 15, Bobby Reynolds; 16, Tyler Drummond.

Street Stock — 1, Danny Cook; 2, Will Lamproe; 3, Cody Mackey; 4, Duane Rose; 5, Rick Craig; 6, Wes Mackey; 7, Kylar Mackey; 8, Chris Beard; 9, Rick Rasberry; 10, H Aaron Moss; 11, Austin Mackey; 12, Juan Diaz; 13, David Speer; 14, Kalen Harod; 15, Allen Ritchie.

B Modified — 1, Eddie Martin; 2, Dustin Leatherman; 3, Dalton McKenzie; 4, Gaylord Ace; 5, Tim Edens; 6, Eric Waterbury; 7, Keith Kingston; 8, Casey Wilson; 9, Brandon Huff; 10, James Romine; 11, Caden Ellis; 12, Mitch Lawson; 13, Robert Leamons.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Chris Perkins; 2, Johnny Mitchell; 3, Cory Clark; 4, Shynia Drummond; 5, Chris Tuck; 6, Harley McNatt; 7, Chelsie Jones; 8, Kim Wheeler; 9, Aaron Dyer; 10, Codie Bailey; 11, Josh Jones.

Grand National — 1, Eddie Martin; 2, Danny Southerland; 3, Thurman Blanton; 4, Danny Evans; 5, Gene Gore; 6, Ronnie Lingo; 7, Clint Woolbright; 8, Jerry Harris; 9, Jamison English; 10, Nick Smith.

Mini Stock — 1, Kevin McSperit; 2, JP Gregory; 3, Jim Higgins; 4, Jerry Higgins; 5, Stan Lewis; 6, Daniel Willis; 7, Travis Boyster; 8, Jeremie Boyster; 9, Johnny Gregory.

A Modified — 1, Dalton McKenzie; 2, Myles Newman; 3, Jesse Leamons; 4, Shannon Weese; 5, Dylan Coughran; 6, Paul Kramer; 7, John Montgomery; 8, Logan Ellis; 9, Glenn Bratti.