Results from the July 3 special races. No races were held on July 8.

More than 20 cars raced in the Grand National class back on July 3 at Crawford County Speedway during the special July 4 event at the dirt track north of Van Buren.

Races were canceled on July 8 and are expected to resume on July 15. Check with for additional information.

Matt Bolton won his first race of the season in just his second outing. Bolton finished ahead of 21 other cars, including four newcomers to CCS for the 2017 season.

Jamison English, who has one win back on May 6, was runner-up with Roy Long taking third.

Ryan Verdier nabbed fourth and J.J. Harvey rounded out the Top 5.

Eddie Martin, who won the previous race, dropped to 21st.


Mulberry’s Duane Rose won his fifth feature race of the season and his second in three starts ahead of a 19-car field.

The class had just five cars in the previous race but expanded to its largest one of the season for the special event.

Rowdy Bonewell was second in just his second start of the season and Eli Dodd was third.

Cedarville’s Will Lamproe took fourth while Rudy’s Chris Beard nabbed fifth.

Last week’s winner, Clinton Drummond was 17th. Rick Craig, who along with Rose and Drummond have a perfect attendance tied for his lowest finish of the season, as he grabbed 17th.


Alma’s Johnny Gregory became the first driver with back-to-back wins in the competitive Mini Stock class this season.

While there has only been four drivers to win the feature race, none of them have been able to secure two consecutive wins until Johnny Gregory’s run back on July 3.

JP Gregory was runner-up for the second straight week while Stan Lewis repeated as third.

Mike Davis hasn’t missed a race this season and was fourth for the third consecutive week.

The Top 4 finishes didn’t change from the previous race even with the influx of returning drivers and new ones.

Jerry Higgins was among the three new drivers as he took fifth.


The class had one of its largest fields (17 cars) this season with eight drivers making their 2017 debut at CCS.

Among those making their first run at the track were Casey Finley, Drake Finley, and Madison Holloway.

Casey Finley won the feature race while Drake Finley took third. Holloway rounded out the Top 5.

Alma’s Zane Hunter returned to the track and placed second. Hunter has been racing USRA Modifieds at Tri-State Speedway in Pocola and is ranked 13th in the standings.

Chris Lewis, who made his first run on June 24 and took first, finished fourth.


Dalton Ragsdale returned to CCS and picked up his third win in seven starts this season.

Ragsdale has also finished second in two other races.

Caden Ellis, who has three wins this season, was second and Johnathan Parrish made his 2017 debut at CCS with a third-place finish.

Van Buren’s Eric Waterbury was fourth and Cedarville’s Travis Jewell nabbed fifth.


Barling’s Chris Tuck won his sixth FWD feature and his first back-to-back wins since he won three straight (April 8-April 22).

Roger Rusher made his first run at CCS count as he took second.

Rudy’s Harley McNatt picked up third after he placed second last week. Chris Perkins, also of Rudy, was fourth and Neal Neilsen wrapped up the Top 5.


Logan Ellis won the special run at CCS and his first win of the season. Mark Brill and Eric Brill were second and third respectively. James Price picked up fourth while Michael Foreman finished fifth.

The late model series returns to the track on July 15 at the Oklahoma Sports Park near Ada, Okla.


July 3, 2017, Racing Results

Grand National — 1, Matt Bolton; 2, Jamison English; 3, Roy Long; 4, Ryan Verdier; 5, JJ Harvey; 6, Danny Evans; 7, Travis Vaughn; 8, David Bradley; 9, Clint Woolbright; 10, Ronnie Lingo; 11, Darin Rigney; 12, Robert Southerland; 13, Carl McDade; 14, Danny Southerland; 15, Thurman Blanton; 16, Austin Edens; 17, Mike Rice; 18, Robert Wiley; 19, Jake Willis; 20, Ken Evans; 21, Eddie Martin; 22, Victor Pinkerton.

Street Stock — 1, Duane Rose; 2, Rowdy Bonewell; 3, Eli Dodd; 4, Will Lamproe; 5, Chris Beard; 6, Tandy Sullivan; 7, Sambo Parmenter; 8, Samuel Speer; 9, Dustin Willet; 10, Susan Stand; 11, Devin Long; 12, Rick Craig; 13, Mark Jones; 14, James Parker; 15, Chris Gregory; 16, Jessie Garner; 17, Clinton Drummond; 18, Chris Tuck; 19, Daniel Turpin.

A Modified — 1, Casey Findley; 2, Zane Hunter; 3, Drake Finley; 4, Chris Lewis; 5, Madison Holloway; 6, Andy Morris; 7, Randy Henson; 8, Trent Taylor; 9, Corey Southerland; 10, Eric Perry; 11, Jessie Leamons; 12, Shannon Weese; 13, Brandon Harvey; 14, Brandon Hunter; 15, Paul Kramer; 16, Larry Bratti; 17, Ryan Taylor.

Sooner Late Models — 1, Logan Ellis; 2, Mark Brill; 3, Eric Brill; 4, James Price; 5, Michael Foreman; 6, Joseph Gabby; 7, Jake Davis; 8, Jeff Roth; 9, Jason Redman; 10, Joe Godsey; 11, Wayne Bush; 12, Brandon Mitchell; 13, Jay Sale; 14, Dustin Leatherman.

B Modified — 1, Dalton Ragsdale; 2, Caden Ellis; 3, Johnathan Parrish; 4, Eric Waterbury; 5, Travis Jewell; 6, Robert Leamons; 7, Tony Quinton; 8, Hayden Holman; 9, Tim Edens; 10, Tony Ferrari; 11, Michael Ryals; 12, Dustin Leatherman; 13, Vernon Flournoy; 14, Gaylord Ace.

Mini Stock — 1, Johnny Gregory; 2, J.P. Gregory; 3, Stan Lewis; 4, Mike Davis; 5, Jerry Higgins; 6, Bobby Hawkins; 7, Daniel Willis; 8, Travis Boyster; 9, Brett Webb; 10, Jeremie Boyster; 11, Trevor Wheeler; 12, Derrick Laird; 13, Jackie Winkler.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Chris Tuck; 2, Roger Rusher; 3, Harley McNatt; 4, Chris Perkins; 5, Neil Nielson; 6, Dakota Stogsdill; 7, Wesley Mackey; 8, Chelsie Jones; 9, Derick Fairchild; 10, Allen Fairchild; 11, Corey Howell; 12, Kim Wheeler; 13, Cody Mackey.