Drivers can earn double points for Memorial Day races.

Crawford County Speedway is hosting a special night of racing on Sunday, May 28 to celebrate Memorial Day.

There will be an All-Star Modified racing series with $1.500 to win and $150 to start. The Missouri Legend racing series has $500 to win and $75 to start.

All paid registered drivers for the B Modified, Grand National, Street Stock, Mini Stock and Front Wheel Drive will have double points for the night.

Racing begins at 7 p.m.

The all-star entry fee is $100 and it includes one pit pass.

CCS will give away more than 20 bicycles on Sunday night in a drawing in advance to the bicycles races on June 3. Registration for the bicycles will be in the grandstands.


With the second rainout of the Crawford County Speedway season, the standings are starting to take shape.

The early contested feature class is the B Modified with Tim Edens of West Fork taking an early lead with 209 points.

Edens has the lead without a single feature win this season. In seven starts, Edens has placed as high as third in four events.

Berryville’s Robert Leamons is close behind with 203 points. Leamons has only finished as high as fourth in eight starts this season.

Stefan Palmer, who missed the start back on May 13, is in third (198), but Van Buren Eric Waterbury and Caden Ellis are tied for fourth with 194 points.


Just 14 points separate first and third in the Grand National class. Van Buren’s Ronnie Lingo (233) followed by Thurman Blanton (221) and Billy Wheeler (219). Both Lingo and Blanton have not missed a race this season. Wheeler has missed three starts this season but has three wins to his credit.

Jamison English is in fourth with 190 points.


Just nine points separate the Top 3 drivers.

Clinton Drummond leads with 245 points followed closely by Cedarville’s William Lamproe (239) and Mulberry’s Duane Rose (234).

Drummond has won two of his last three starts with five Top 2 finishes this season. Lamproe has only finished as high as third but has only failed to place among the Top 5 in one race.

Rose has three wins over eight starts.


The Gregorys lead the Mini Stock pack with Johnny Gregory in the lead with 277 points followed by J.P. Gregory (247). After two races, Christy Drummond leads the Powder Puff drivers with 53 points, but Jessica Jackson is close behind with 47.


Van Buren’s Shannon Weese has a 72-point lead in the A Modified class ahead of Berryville’s Jessie Leamons. Barling’s Chris Tuck leads Rudy’s Harley McNatt the rest of the Front Wheel Drive class. Tuck has 317 points followed by McNatt’s 252.



as of May 22, 2017


1. Shannon Weese, Van Buren 231

2. Jessie Leamons, Berryville 159

3. Dylan Coughran, Van Buren 143

4. Dalton McKenzie, Cedarivlle 132

5. Jason Foster, Springdale 108

6. Chris Hopkins, Muldrow 90

6. Paul Kramer, Van Buren 90

8. John Montgomery, Springdale 76

9. Myles Newman III, Alma 70

10. Dallas Bourland 49


1. Tim Edens, West Fork 209

2. Robert Leamons, Berryville 203

3. Stefan Palmer, Lowell 198

4. Eric Waterbury, Van Buren 194

4. Caden Ellis, Wagoner, Okla. 194

6. Travis Jewell, Cedarville 176

7. Dustin Leatherman, Muskogee 160

8. Dalton Ragsdale 137

9. Devin Foster, Mountainburg 94

10. John Garner, Natural Dam 92

11. Ryan Rasberry, Rogers 91

12. Brian Murray, Lincoln 90

13. Logan Ellis, Wagoner, Okla. 87


1. Chris Tuck, Barling 317

2. Harley McNatt, Rudy 252

3. Dakota Stogsdill, Rudy 209

4. Shynia Drummond, Winslow 207

5. Chris Perkins, Rudy 161

6. Kim Wheeler, Muldrow 126

7. Aaron Dyer, Sallisaw 125

8. Corey Howell, Huntsville 90

9. Michael Hopson, Cedarville 83

10. Hatt Hobbs, Subiaco 82


1. Ronnie Lingo, Van Buren 233

2. Thurman Blanton, Bonanza 221

3. Billy Wheeler, Gans 219

4. Jamison English, Fayetteville 190

5. Chuck Smith, Van Buren 106

6. Danny Southerland, Bokoshi 97

7. Bobby Prewett, Muldrow 94

8. Carl McDade, Mulberry 93

9. Clifton Drummond, Mountianburg 85

10. Sam Earl Burrows, Westville 84


1. Johnny Gregory, Alma 227

2. J.P. Gregory, Alma 247

3. Michael Denton, Park Hill, Okla. 210

4. Mike Davis, Sallisaw 196

5. Stan Lewis, Fort Smith 155

6. Daniel Willis, Alma 128

7. Jeremy Boyster, Fort Smith 114

8. Travis Boyster, Fort Smith 97

9. James Boyster, Fort Smith 47

10. Chris Tuck, Van Buren 33


1. Christy Drummond, Brentwood 53

2. Jessica Jackson 47

3. Chelsie Jones, Spiro 16

4. Alex Ellis, Wagner, Okla. 12


1. Clinton Drummond, Brentwood 245

2. William Lamproe, Cedarville 239

3. H. Duane Rose, Mulberry 234

4. Rick Craig, Westville, Okla. 191

5. Jesse Garner, Alma 163

6. Chris Beard, Rudy 155

7. Remington Watson, Rudy 140

8. Cody Collingsworth, Rudy 85

9. Adam Gipson, Lavaca 73

9. Susan Stand, Evansville 73

11. Dustin Willet, Chester 71