Don’t ya just love the way cocky little Tommy Vietor addressed Fox News anchor, investigative journalist and interviewer Bret Bair? Called him "dude" he did. "Hey dude that was two years ago." Ah, these kids today, an inspiration say wot, not only a selective conscience but a selective memory as well. One senses here an essence of character that permeates the circle of young political strategists within the Obama administration; an attitude unique to the territory perhaps, along with an inability to grasp the social gravity of a people’s loss of trust in their nation’s vital institutions brought about by endless political scandals emanating from the seat of power.

Dude: Nice ring to it. I like it, embrace it. Hey dude, I’m thinking that from henceforth "dude" will be my new philosophy. Only, pronounce it "deude" to lend a classier and more polished sophistication reflective of a dude of my maturity and vision.

Vietor, whose bantam cockiness I shall now emulate belongs to a "duedish" politic formed some six years ago up in Chicago as a street level social guidance committee and spread from there all way up to Washington, D.C., with charters in cities coast to coast. This is something a dude should strive to be a part of: "Dude" is "in", dude is where it’s "at" dude is the way of life within today’s political circles so why should the silliness of it embarrass the pride of a old dude like me; like going nude on a nudy beach the flaws of the old bod openly exhibited without apology. The ultimate freedom, freedom from embarrassment. Always had a hankering to run with the big dogs and lots of them critters in the upper echelon of an exclusive society of privileged dudes who imagine themselves to be in charge of the planets times, seasons and functions.

The membership is long. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, he of the Clinton pardoning scandal, is a charter member of the "Dude Society:" "Hey dude, the DOJ knew nothing about that little Federal gun-running caper down on the border of Mexico. Say what? Just trust me, dude.

The Peacenik: Dude! Leave Al Qaeda and the Taliban be, them what wuz guilty of bombing the WTC died in the attack.

Harry Reid: It was the Koch Brothers, dude.

President Obama: No jive dude, if you want to keep your health plan you can keep it, etc.

Pelosi: Dude, let’s just pass the thing so we can find out what’s in it.

Biden: This is a - well, this is a really big deal, dude.

Hillary: Yes we have four dead American’s but dude at this point what difference does it make?

Susan Rice: What Taliban, dude?

Lois Lerner: I plead the fifth, dude. Sure the IRS targeted the Tea Party to prevent it from involving in the 2012 election, everyone and his grandma knows, so does the entire planet but so what dude? It matters not, if’n ya got friends in high places.

After careful study and consideration this ‘possum hollow dude has it all figured out: Dude, these folks are the cream of America’s political crop and if this amateur scriber can emulate their exclusive society he’s bound to become one slick, respected and glorified "deude" in his own right.

Family feud: I am not adverse, to sharing political views with my social friends be they liberal or conservative, the debate makes for interesting and informative conversation. I do have my own standards to which I religiously adhere and expect others to treat me with the same fairness and respect as I treat them. Give and take is the "American way" and therein lies the rub. Facebook, the online social network to which I subscribe, has become a hotbed of political cant as propaganda sites, either side of the political spectrum send out prejudiced material in the interest of various agenda’s. It has been my policy to not "share" with others the political hit pieces that are offered by my conservative friends even if I agree with them; especially I do not repost political propaganda which offers no opportunity for rebuttal.

Yet recently as often happens with the liberal brethren, comes to my home page a hit piece against charter schools which is referred to as "expensive for profit schools." Aimed at what they consider conservative policy and programs, the complaint provided no opportunity for outside input sans "sharing" their angst with others, but at least the post had one thing right, the "rich own most all politicians." Take a look at California, a one party state owned by Democrats. Well sir, my voice here at the Bottom Rung is inconsequential at best but I’ve hung around this planet for a long time, most of that as a Democrat and according to my observation the Democratic party has "owned" America since Roosevelt. At least one other writer seems to agree, allowing that Republicans historically were merely "weight lifters" for Democratic legislation.

The hit piece originating with a site identified with "Occupy Wall Street" was "shared" by a friend and offered no opportunity for rebuttal. One supposes it’s understandable, it being union rage against the proliferation of alternate educational programs gaining popularity in the U.S. in recent years. Those alternatives are charter schools, school vouchers, home schooling, etc. The rage comes not from the general public, but from the teachers unions which feel economically threatened by private innovations in education. Ironically two years ago two of my Golden State friends with careers in education were raising holy hades as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sought to stabilize the state’s educational system by farming out the many failing schools to private enterprise. In the case of my friends, the concern seems not to have been based upon whether the alternative was viable but that school children would come under the influence of back wood religionists, Deliverance types and snake handlers. (As they say, anything is fair in love, war and politics).

The rage against charters flared anew when newly elected New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio embarrassed himself and the whole union shmeer by a plan to shut down apparently very successful charter schools in poor black "no chance in hell for a decent education otherwise" neighborhoods as political payoff for support of the teachers unions. Sitting here at the Bottom Rung education is not my expertise but it is my understanding that some charters have been successful others not so much but that their best, deliverance is precisely in those traditionally disadvantaged districts where minorities struggle with poverty and less than adequate schooling.

Dude or no dude, no one would ever hire me as a political strategist, yet that keeps me not from expressing a personal opinion concerning various political topics. To wit: One suspects the Dem’s would be up a couple of polling points across the board without the drag of Reid and Pelosi (And Republicans down a couple of boiling points) Pelosi the queen of hysteria and Reid the king of frown.

In the end, whether one is liberal or conservative don’t propagandize the old dude without offering place and space for debate; that’s the theme in a nutshell; yes I know it’s been said before but if one dislikes heat, don’t cook. Meanwhile dude, in honor of our broken political system, we shall leave you with this:

Never really believed in hell

The heat the flames,

The sulfur smell

Until I fell asleep and dreamed

Of Pelosi, Biden

And Harry Reid

And as my brow

Turned to a frown

I set me down and looked around

And realized to my surprise

That hell’s a place that’s filled with clowns

And just to make it more insaner

There stood congressmen Cruz and Boehner