Dear Heavenly Father,

Your love is so large it contains more than unending mercy. You care for us enough to call us Your children. When we wear Your garment of Christ, You intently listen to all of our requests.

Father, You pray for us with compassion and forgiveness. Through the eyes of Jesus, You watch us struggle and hold our hands. Your mercy consists of tears of hope that take the place of words in our prayers.

We know that Christ has given us true friends full of tenderness. Aristotle said, "A true friend is one soul in two bodies." When one hurts, they feel the same pain!

Lord, Your faithful love never ends! Great is Your faithfulness. Your services begin afresh each morning. Martin Luther wrote, "Don’t be afraid my little flock!" We do not face tomorrow with uncertainty. Heaven is just a doorstep. This is our mercy, forgiveness, grace, and Christ. Jesus is the answer.

We can rest assured that Your mercy will never be used up. It is endless. It glows down the darkest halls to show our hearts the way. Let us celebrate what is proclaimed in the bible "The mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting." Psalm 103, 7, and 17.

Let us find joy in John Bunyan’s quote, "Since God has mercies to give and He intends to give them to us, those mercies are not broken pieces or someone else’s leftovers, God has bags that were never untied, never opened up, but put aside thought a thousand generations for those who hope in His Mercy." Again, as Your children, we see how Your mercy and benevolence are everlasting with no end.

Patti Polk-Casey

Van Buren