I recently learned that attendance was down at the Senior Citizens Center in Cedarville and it may be closed.

It was at that moment that I knew it was time to let the cat out of the bag and let everyone know what a wonderful place it is.

The secret must be exposed.

My wife and I eat at the center on some Sundays when the center is holding a special fundraiser. The food is good but the homemade pies are out of this world.

At this point, I must say something about the wait staff. The waitress comes over and asks me what I’d like to drink and I always tell her, "a strawberry malt." She never brings me a strawberry malt. I guess I’m flirting with her, but she’s awful cute and about 11-years-old.

She is super friendly to all of us who attend. More young people should volunteer like she does. She comes and works with her grandmother.

I want to encourage everyone to visit the center in Cedarville. It is across the street from the library and next to the Old Rock School. Their special Sunday events are the second Sunday of the month and you don’t have to be a senior to go.

Tom Fite