Most of us, at one time or another, have experienced a lengthy wait at our local Department of Motor Vehicles office while waiting for our number to be called in order to renew our tags.

But since 1999, there has been an alternative to renewing your tags. In fact, you can now get your car tagged right at home and even late at night if you wish.

The Arkansas Streamline Auto Renewal, or AR STAR allows you to renew your tags by simply entering your vehicle identification number, license plate number and zip code.

While this service has steadily been growing in popularity over the years, the majority of Arkansans are still using their local offices.

Last year over 350,000 renewed their tags online. However, that means the owners of over 2 million vehicles are still using their local DMV office.

Not using AR STAR adds to frustration of long lines and the staff needed to accommodate.

The site accepts credit cards and electronic checks. On the site you can even sign up for reminders before your tags expire. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are asked to allow a minimum of five days for mail delivery of your decal.

However, even if you wait to the last day before your current registration expires to renew, you can print out a receipt showing that the registration renewal has been completed and keep the receipt in your glove box as proof of current registration until the new decals arrive. Just visit

State agencies are constantly striving to make more of their services available online. The Game and Fish Commission allows individuals to obtain hunting and fishing licenses online and even through apps.

And at, Arkansans can sign up for a variety of services including supplemental nutrition assistance, child care assistance, and insurance through the Private Option.

Many businesses which require permits from our health department can also sign up for renewals online.

In addition, during the last legislative session we passed bills which allow you to use your mobile device to show proof of your insurance, hunting license, and concealed carry permit.

We know it is difficult to take off work and stand in long lines to renew a tag or apply for assistance. So please take advantage of the AR STAR program and the many other services we have made available for your convenience.