Starting next Wednesday, Sept. 4, the Booneville Democrat’s website will be accessible on a subscriber basis. Consequently, only subscribers to the paper’s print edition will have full access to the digital version of the paper.

By going to a subsriber only system, the Democrat is becoming more attune with the newspaper industry and, "as a staff we at the Democrat believe our product is well worth paying for," according to Democrat publisher Vickey Wiggins.

"Although the web edition of the Democrat will offer many of the same things available in its weekly hold-and-fold edition, it stops short of being a true e-edition," Democrat editor Glenn Parrish notes.

That’s because the web edition will not be a compete repetition of the weekly Wednesday paper.

However, there will be more coverage of some things that there simply isn’t room for in the print edition, like state and national level news from the Stephens Media Group’s news bureaus in Little Rock and Washington, D.C., the editor adds.

The site will also allow for immediate coverage of breaking news and sports news, such as Friday night football game coverage, and it will also feature many stories before they are available in print. Obituaries will also be available on the site as they become available to the Democrat.

Because any print edition deals with space limitations when it comes to photographs, subscribers are also certain to enjoy the expanded use of photos and the availability of video clips with some stories, Wiggins adds.

Also, because the website is now a true digital edition, it has been optimized for mobile users.

Current print subscribers can visit to log into the site and create a password. Anyone wishing to subscribe to the print and digital editions combined or to the digital edition only can do so at the site.