A special prosecutor has been designated to handle the case involving a possible misuse of city monies in Cedarville.

Jack McQuary was sworn in by Circuit Judge Mike Medlock to serve as the lead prosecutor, said Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney Marc McCune.

McCune was notified by legislative auditors in March of possible theft or fraud of "a significant amount of money" from the City of Cedarville, he said.

Because McCune lives in Cedarville, he contacted Medlock to notify the judge that it would be a conflict of interest for him to handle the case, he said.

Medlock agreed and ordered Bob McMahon, prosecutor coordinator, to designate a special prosecutor - McQuary - for the case.

An investigation is being conducted into the allegations in Cedarville, said Lt. Jason Aaron, an investigator with the Arkansas State Police.

Documents and evidence were seized from the city several weeks ago under warrant, Aaron said.

In a previous interview, Cedarville Mayor Glenanna O’Mara admitted that there is an investigation, but said it was targeted.

"It’s not the whole city that’s being investigated," O’Mara said during that interview.

No charges have been filed so far.