Two members were appointed to positions on the Mulberry-Pleasant View Bi-County Board of Education during its monthly meeting Sept. 19.

Andrew Lewis was appointed to Position No. 2 to replace Becky Shockley, who submitted a letter of resignation, according to the meeting’s unapproved minutes.

Shockley resigned because of moving out of the district she represented, said Jan Williams, business manager for the school district.

Richard Cagle was re-appointed to Position No. 5, a position he was appointed to last year but failed to file for in time for the school election, Williams said. Both Cagle and Lewis will have to run in next year’s election to retain positions on the board, she said.

A resolution to go from a seven-member board to a five-member board next year also was approved, according to the minutes.

A seven-member board was first chosen when the two school districts - Mulberry and Pleasant View - combined, but it has become harder for the district to find residents willing to fill the positions, Williams said.

It also has become more difficult to establish a quorum for meetings, she said.

"The board all discussed it and decided it would be much simpler to go to five," Williams said.

Jeff Brown was appointed as board secretary for the month.

Jana Westcamp was approved as the Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Chair for each school and as tech support on an as needed basis not to exceed 100 days.

Board members also approved the 2012-13 financial report, 2013-14 budget, 2013-14 ACSIP and the 2013-14 special education budget.

The ACSIP includes information on all the school districts plans for the year, such as funding, budgets, technology purchases, professional development and the school’s Alternative Learning Environment

A resolution amending issuance and delivery of bonds also was approved. The resolution states that bond payments will be made early, allowing the bank holding the bond to save money.

This action puts the school district in good standing with that bank, giving it a better chance to sell bonds to local banks in the future.