Two businesses on Main Street in historic downtown Van Buren will celebrate their one-year anniversaries with live music, giveaways and discounts beginning Friday.

Chapters on Main and the Polish Pottery Depot are starting their week long one-year anniversary promotions and will kick it off this Friday night with a live concert on the 800 block of Main.

Nashville recording artist Camille Rae will perform live on the deck at Chapters on Main Friday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., said Alan and Debbie Foliart, owners of Chapters on Main.

“She loves this area, has a lot of connections here and we are so excited to have her at Chapters on our deck Friday night,” Alan Foliart said.

After the concert, Rae will be signing autographs in front of Polish Pottery Depot.

As part of the promotional anniversary week, there will be giveaways during Friday’s concert and both stores will have special discounts throughout the night and into the following week. Specials will be posted daily, Debbie Foliart said.

Both Chapters on Main and the Polish Pottery Depot, at 816 and 826 Main Street respectively, opened their doors one day apart in May of last year, Debbie Foliart said.

Van Buren native Lisa Willis owns the Polish Pottery Depot.

Willis served in the Air Force for 21 years as a Judge Advocate General (JAG), which is a military attorney, before retiring in 2013 and returning to Van Buren to assist her parents, she said.

“I discovered Polish pottery when I was stationed in Germany with the Air Force,” Willis said. “First I fell in love with the colors and designs. When I cooked with the baking dishes and served with the platters and plates, I was hooked on the pottery.”

After returning to Van Buren, Willis wanted to contribute to the revitalization and economic development happening in the city, she said.

After describing Polish pottery to some friends, one of them suggested Willis should open a shop, she said.

“That was it. I could open a small shop in downtown Van Buren with a product I loved and knew was not only a beautiful work of art but also usable stoneware for the kitchen,” Willis said.

Debbie Foliart’s first thought in purchasing her bookstore was to “save an older building with a bunch of books that once was a great place,” she said.

“We wanted to rekindle the building and add new energy to match that of what was going on in Van Buren’s downtown,” Debbie Foliart said. “Our grandson, Christian, Alan and I went to work adding life back to a sad, old place.”

It took the group from Feb. 1, 2016, until May 13, 2016, to get the remodel done in time for the Old Timers Day festival, Debbie Foliart said.

“But it really makes me smile to see our customers come in and still be amazed at what we’ve done with the place - new life, new coffee bar, new books, local authors, kids loft and much more,” Foliart said.