The Gregory Kistler Treatment Center recently received funding for a computer and speech and occupational therapy materials made possible in part by a grant from the Western Arkansas Community Foundation, an affiliate of Arkansas Community Foundation, according to a news release from the Kistler Center. Some of the items the funds will help provide include:

• nine new learning games for speech therapy,

• easy hold grip assist straps to help a child hold a pencil or utensil,

• a slant board to naturally place a child’s hand in the proper handwriting position,

• a quad cuff to help children with limited hand function securely hold utensils or writing instruments,

• six pop tubes to help children build hand strength and improve fine motor and sensory processing skills and

• weighted therapy balls and a computer for the therapists.

The Kistler Center currently treats more than 500 families annually, providing occupational, physical and speech-language therapy. The Arkansas Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes smart giving to improve communities.